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Banaban Vision Publications bringing the traditional knowledge, historical research, and collective stories of the Banabans to a worldwide audience via digital publications.


Offering advocacy for future Banaban generations, and for a broader audience and researchers keen to learn more about the plight of the indigenous Banaban people in the modern world.

Rise and Fall of a Multi-million dollar

Our Story

Raobeia Ken Sigrah is a Banaban, born and schooled on Rabi, Fiji. He is a descendant of one of the Banaban elders who signed the original contract in 1900 to mine Banaba. His elders educated him from an early age on Banaban genealogies, myths, legends, and customs and he was given the responsibility to represent and speak for twelve major Banaban clans as clan spokesman.

Stacey M. King called Nei Titeiti Naking by the Banabans, is an Australian with four generations of her family involved with phosphate mining on Banaba from 1900.  Led by family interest, she conducted her own research, visiting Rabi for the first time in 1991.  She began to publish Banaba/Ocean Island News in 1992 and in 1993 formed the Banaban Heritage Society Inc, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of history and bettering of the lives of the Banaban people.

In 1997 they formed a personal and collaborative partnership to seek justice for the Banaban people and to see the rehabilitation of the Banaban homeland left destroyed by mining. They share the belief that their lives and destiny are intertwined, bringing them together so they could try and right the wrongs of the past. With the establishment of Banaban Vision Publications, they are converting much of their writings and research findings into digital publications for future Banaban generations and for a broader audience keen to learn more about the plight of the indigenous Banaban people in the modern world.

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