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When a mission to help a forgotten Pacific People and an unorthodox idea is hatched in a family’s garage and turns into a multi-million dollar global brand.

This is the inspiring story of Stacey King. An accomplished Australian entrepreneur, corporate executive and philanthropist.

How it all began and how it all ended. From the remotest villages to the rolling plains of Mongolia. Stacey forges a business path that is unique. A Cause driven juggernaut that focused on a global message to seek justice, the importance of our shared humanity and what we can all do in our lives to truly make a difference.

From her first business enterprise at 15 years of age and her unending belief that anything is possible, she shares her vision and her determination that you never give up.

This is her journey— The Rise & Fall of a Multi-Million Dollar Brand

Rise & Fall of a Multi-million Dollar Brand: I did it my way... EBOOK

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