Banaba/Ocean Island News Nov-Dec 1995

RABI 50TH. ANNIVERSARY - Special Edition. This important issue has been proudly sponsored by ‘THE BODYSHOP’, Australia & New Zealand, and covers historic documents relating entirely to Rabi Island’s history. There are congratulatory messages from Network members around the World, and the inclusion of the historic - Rabi Honour Rolls, which documents the names of every man, woman and child to arrive on Rabi in 1945. Our feature story is the winning entry in this special years - ‘te Karaki Nikawai’ - ‘Stories from the Past’, BANABAN LITERARY PRIZE - titled - “FOLKLORE” (Why Ocean Island looks like an overturned Canoe & The Tragic Escape of Kabunare from Death) by young Banabans - Rerentemaraki & Mereta Teriota. Total pages 34.

No. 18 Banaba/Ocean Island News Nov-Dec 1995