Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr 1996

ANNUAL 'ANZAC DAY'' ISSUE. Once again we focus on the War years with pictures and stories relating to the War History of Banaba/Ocean Island. This issue we also introduce another regular column with Carolyn Wright's - 'Farming A Food Forest'. In Carolyn's column, we will be looking different aspects of Agricultural and how they may help the Banaban Community. Our special feature story this issue is 'The Personal War Diary of Private Thomas H. Embleton No. 22 Ocean Island Defence Force. Ocean Island. Pacific Central.' Total: 18 pages.

No. 20 Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr 1996

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    Banaban Ocean Island Newsletter from Feb 1993 - June 1998 recording historical stories and capturing everyday life on Banaba and Rabi Islands during this period through to the building of the Banaban Heritage Society network globally.

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