Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1996

'HEALTH' ISSUE. This issue focuses attention on the health of the Banaban Community and a focus on educating ways to improve the daily diet. Also a special 'Rehabilitation Forum' this issue by Earth Scientist - Jonathan Willis-Richards at the Dept. of Resources of Engineering, Tohoku University. Japan. This issue features the results of a 'Voluntary Medical Check Up for Public in Rabi Island' written by Noriko Hayashia & A story on 'Banaban Traditional Medicine' by Tematoro Jack - 'highly recommended' entry in the Banaban Literary Prize 1994. Our Japanese Society member - Manabu Kitaguchi organised a team of Japanese health officials, including a World Health Official to conduct this important assessment of Banaban health on Rabi Island. This is the first such survey conducted. Total: 24 pages.

No. 21 Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1996