Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1995

FISHING ISSUE - SPECIAL RABI POSTED EDITION. Featuring photographs and stories relating to the renown traditional skills of the Banabans who were once considered the ‘Greatest Fishermen in the Pacific...’ The Feature Story is a reprint from “The Journal of the Polynesian Society” Volume 76 No.4 December 1967 called “THE STALACTITE FISH HOOKS OF OCEAN ISLAND” and was written by H.E. Maude and R.J. Lampert. This issue coincides with the opening of Rabi first Community Library and the return of one of these prize Stalactite Fish Hook by Harry & Honor Maude to the Banaban people. Total 16 pages.

No. 15 Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1995

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    Banaban Ocean Island Newsletter from Feb 1993 - June 1998 recording historical stories and capturing everyday life on Banaba and Rabi Islands during this period through to the building of the Banaban Heritage