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Banaba/Ocean Island News  Jan-Feb 1996

"LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE" ISSUE. This issue sees the introduction of two new column writers for the newsletter. Dave Lambert - Reshape Australia begins his "A Simple Solution" which will cover issues and information on the Latest technology regarding alternative power and renewal Energy. Ellie Marsden, our Society's Legal Counsellor offers free legal advice and help on other topics in her "Ellie's Corner" segment. The idea of a HOMECOMING TRIP is raised while we publish our first ever BANABA News segment, by our roving Rabi Correspondent who was on holidays in Tarawa. Our feature story is by Sarah Armstrong - Producer of 'Foreign Correspondent' as she tells our readers about the fun and experience of their trip to Banaba. ABC 'Foreign Correspondent' team have been the first film crew to visit the island since Jacques Cousteau's team in 1991. Total:  24 pages.

No. 19 Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb 1996

  • Banaban Ocean Island Newsletter

    Banaban Ocean Island Newsletter from Feb 1993 - June 1998 recording historical stories and capturing everyday life on Banaba and Rabi Islands during this period through to the building of the Banaban Heritage Society network globally.

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