Banaba-Ocean Island Chronicles: Private collections and indigenous record-keeping proving fact from fiction

By Ken Sigrah Raobeia & Stacey M. King

(Conference Paper)


Innovation and a quest to seek justice are the key factors behind the authors’ efforts to amass one of the largest private collections relating to Banaba-Ocean Island history. This enterprise has proved a true collaboration over the past 15 years with the bringing together of two separate collections; one by an Australian family with historical links to the phosphate mining industry of Ocean Island, and the other from a Banaban Clan historian and spokesman. This paper describes the various and sometimes unorthodox methods utilised to expose and document an indigenous history steeped in centuries of secrecy and overwritten by Colonial historians to accommodate political expediency.

Banaba Ocean Island Chronicles private collections and indigenous record keeping

  • Conference Paper: The Pacific in Australia 2006

    This paper was presented at The Pacific in Australia - Australia in the Pacific conference QUT, Carseldine campus, Brisbane, Australia 24 to 27 January 2006 - The Pacific and Australia - Australia in the Pacific; Humanities research - History.

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