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Legacy of a Miner's Daughter: the impact on the Banabans after phosphate mining

By Stacey King


Legacy of Miner's Daughter examines the profound repercussions of the phosphate discovery on Banaba (Ocean Island). Unveiling the human and environmental catastrophe that unfolded, the book sheds light on the enduring challenges and obstacles that persist for the Banaban people and their beloved homeland, even after four decades after mining activities ceased.    With a resounding call to action, the study emphasises the imperative for the former colonial government, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to step forward and undertake the vital task of rehabilitating the Banabans' ancestral lands. This crucial endeavour aims to safeguard the preservation of a unique race, culture, and society on the brink of extinction from assimilation.   Proposing key areas of responsibility, the study advocates for comprehensive rehabilitation, fair compensation, and sustainable resource development on Rabi and Banaba. Recognising the global trends of globalization and the universalizing mission of human rights movements, it underscores the vital role and level of responsibility held by the international community. A call for a collective effort to restore justice, dignity, and a promising future to the resilient Banaban people.


Adapted from Conference Paper: ISLANDS of the WORLD VIII Taiwan

This paper was presented and published at ISLANDS of the WORLD VIII International Conference “Changing Islands – Changing Worlds”1-7 November 2004, Kinmen Island (Quemoy), Taiwan


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Legacy of a Miner's Daughter: the impact on the Banabans after phosphate mining

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