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Winner Winton Outback Writers Festival 2021

"Thanks Lucy! Just one day at a time ..."

In June 2021 at the Matilda Centre, Winton, Queensland, Australia Stacey was announced as the Winner of this year's converted Winton Outback Writers Festival short story competition. The theme was the Australian Outback and this was the first time Stacey had written a short story, the first time she had written about Australian Outback, and the first time she had entered a writing competition.

There were 150 entries for this year's competition and 50 finalists were chosen for this years Anthology of Short Stories Volume 6 - The Outback published by Booralong Press, Brisbane, Australia.

Her entry - Thanks Lucy! Just one day at a time ... was based on her own experience visiting the outback when she was 17 years old. For a girl who had grown up in Brisbane and spent most of her time on the beaches of the Gold Coast, arriving on a sheep property devastated by drought and overrun by a rabbit plaque left a lasting impression with her.

Stacey recounts her feelings and emotions in her winning entry.

Stacey's is an avid historian, advocate and author specialising in Banaban history. She published her first book - Te Rii ni Banaba: backbone of Banaba with her co-author Raobeia Ken Sigrah, first published by University of South Pacific in 2001 and a new updated second edition was published in 2019.

She published her historical novel, Nakaa's Awakening, Book One in 2020 based on her own family's lives at the beginning of the mining industry on the Banaban homeland, Ocean Island commencing in 1900. This book is the first in a four-book series, Land of Matang spanning one hundred years and tells the dramatic impact on the Banabans and their homeland from eighty years Colonial occupation and the devastation of phosphate mining.

Her latest book Rise & Fall of a Multi-Million Dollar Brand is her business biography. Stacey business background is inspiring. She is an entrepreneur, corporate executive and philanthropist and she shares how her business journey began and how she forged a unique business path - a Cause driven juggernaut focused on a global message. She shares her vision, her determination, her belief that you never give up and how she did it her way!

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